Robotic Process Automation Services

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a new automation-led service delivery model. It enables the cost effective automation of rule-based tasks across functions, replacing low value, manual processes with virtual or robot FTEs. RPA is highly accessible and visible, allowing users to monitor and audit logged processes completed by RPA tools. We use our skills across industry verticals and our expertise in Machine learning and AI to perform RPA helping our clients optimizes their human resource deployment.

Smarter Operations with RPA

The market of RPA has tremendous scope and most companies have already accepted it with open arms, for the simple reason that it enables them to cut costs by 35-65%. What makes RPA an absolute necessity today, is its scalable and reliable nature which gives the company an edge against competition. However, what is really fascinating about the idea of RPA is that it provides 24×7 functionality, which means great increase in productivity coupled with high levels of accuracy.

Benefits delivered

  • Cost Reduction
  • Scalability
  • Faster and Accurate Operations
  • Reduction in Cycle times
  • Lesser Throughput
  • High-quality Process
  • Increased Productivity
  • High-performance
  • Low error-rates
  • Ease of Monitoring

We work on leading RPA tools to implement seamless systems that deliver high performance.

UiPath offers rule based automation in business and IT processes for the enterprise. UiPath products work across enterprise applications and also assist in automating Citrix based environments, SAP implementations and BPO activities. UiPath hosts multiple products tailored to enterprise needs including UiPath Studio, UiPath Robots, UiPath Orchestrator. As a leading Robotic Process Automation vendor, we are helping our customers adopt automation across enterprise applications.

WorkFusion is committed to powering the digital transformation of work.

It offers software products that let enterprise leaders digitize their operation, exponentially increasing productivity and improving service delivery. Most business processes begin with pulling data and end with pushing data, and WorkFusion makes RPA easy to apply to business processes that tap into legacy applications. We use our skills across industry verticals and implements seamless systems that deliver high performance.