TestAppsTM - Application Testing Frame work

We have delivered many test automation projects successfully with prime focus on quality. One of the key factors in the success of these projects was the deployment of IBIL’s application test automation framework, TestAppsTM. TestAppsTM is a proven application independent testing framework that provides a suite of pre-built test content that customers can use to jump start their test regime with great confidence. Testers can generate working test scripts from pre-built components that will save significant time, effort and are less error prone. Each component represents a test operation that testers can easily assemble into logical and sequential test flows using spreadsheet data to drive testing of multiple data and functional conditions. TestAppsTM was developed to reduce the scripting effort that often becomes a challenge for non technical staff. TestAppsTM is delivered with detailed user guide that can be easily read and understood by non technical users.

TestAppsTM supports web, oracle EBS and web services testing. In the case of oracle EBS testing project, we have found that testing teams will be able to improve their productivity by 60%, using this framework instead of the traditional record/playback and scripting approach. Using TestAppsTM, EBS customers can significantly improve their productivity and test coverage while saving on testing expense.

Salient Features

Business team will be able to execute the test scripts without the support of the technical team in any test environment.
Reusability -Testing team will be able to use the same test scripts in any test environment
Reduces overall testing time and effort
Automated test scripts that cover positive and negative test cases.
Test data can be dynamically passed to the test scripts and test scripts are managed in a hierarchical fashion by module.
TestAppsTM supports you with regression testing capabilities by automating key business scenarios in the shortest time possible, and at a fraction of time and effort / cost that is involved with traditional approaches.