Software Testing On The Cloud Services

The traditional software testing performed for on premise deployment may not be sufficient to certify in a cloud environment. Single-tenant applications deployed on-premise will need to support multi-tenant in a cloud environment. It requires a change in perspective on how to test the software.

Migrating to a cloud environment requires an understanding of the new business needs and the inherited challenges associated with it. Accordingly, the scope of the software testing also needs to be widened to fully cover these business requirements and the inherited risks associated with cloud computing.

Our software testing on the cloud services include:

Business Specific Application Testing: End-to-End Testing, Functional Testing, Exploratory Testing, Data Migration.
Cloud Attribute Testing: Multi-tenancy, API Testing, Upgrade, Failover, Disaster recovery
Scale and Performance Testing: Scale, Performance, Reliability, Availability, Spike and Endurance Testing
Test Automation: Using Open source and commercial tools